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Our Menu

Coffee & Beverages


Experience the rich heritage of Puerto Rican Coffees, the creativity of Candy-inspired Lattes, and the charm of Locally inspired creations. Embark on an imaginative journey with our lattes.

In addition to our coffee offerings, discover the delightful textures of milk tea and boba drinks, and the rejuvenating sips of our refreshers and fruit waters.

At our café, every sip tells a story, inviting you to explore new tastes and revisit familiar favorites.

Candy Creations

Indulge your sweet tooth with our candy-inspired lattes. Each sip is a journey reminiscent of your favorite childhood treats. These handcrafted creations will satisfy your cravings and awaken your senses.

Local Lattes

Experience the essence of our local surroundings with our locally inspired lattes. The lattes are crafted to reflect the beauty and flavor of our region. Let each sip transport you to the serene landscapes and vibrant culture of Oconee County.

Puerto Rican

Experience the rich heritage of Puerto Rico with our selection of authentic, island inspired coffees. We use only high-quality beans, carefully cultivated in the mountains of Puerto Rico for a smooth, flavorful cup. Enjoy a taste of Puerto Rico in every sip!



Food Selection


Explore our array of breakfast and lunch options at Alexander’s.  Whether you’re starting your day off with us or grabbing a quick bite on the go, our menu has something for everyone. Join us for a delicious meal any time of day, and experience the warmth of community at Alexander’s.


Served All Day


Served All Day


Your choice of bread. Lunch items served on a Butter Croissant, Multigrain Panini Bread, Plain Bagel, Everything Bagel or as a Wrap. Low carb options available. Served All Day.


Make it a meal for just a little more! Choose between Baked Potato Salad, Pasta Salad, Egg Salad or Chips plus get a pickle spear and a drink. Low carb options available. Served All Day.